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This is one of the coolest pictures I have ever seen.


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Can’t Remember the source

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Reblog if you have been a victim of Irving Braxiatel.


Lloyd (mongoose): To me the mongoose is the underdog who defeats the cobra. I didn’t want any of the heroes to have the charismatic megafauna (I did want the Kharlan Four too) and  Lloyd especially. I don’t think the Cardinals would look at him so lightly if he showed up with something flashy. But a mongoose is a powerhouse in disguise like Lloyd. 

Collette (myna): The myna is a common domestic pet bird most popular in Asia. Its also created by selective breeding. I wanted the Chosens to be caged birds because I see Chosens as being very similar to that symbolism. A lot of benefits in some ways but a lot of cons and a lack of freedom. I almost went with a canary for Collette but coal mine associations.

Genis (rabbit): Biggest reason is Genis is such a coward. I also wanted it to be a forest animal and that as a play on his Elven roots.

Raine (monkey): Mostly Zodiac symbolism, intelligent, cunning and creative. But also the cruelty that shows up in some interpretations. Also another forest animal.

Sheena (gecko): Geckos walk on wall like ninjas. 

Zelos (cockatoo): Continuing the caged birds theme. I was going to make him a peacock but it didn’t fit the theme. I also wanted something smart but not often thought of as intelligent. Parrot has become almost a negative term saying someone is parroting suggests not just copying which doesn’t give them any credit like a certain Chosen. I decided on a cockatoo because they are flashy and pink and smart.

Presea (dog): Presea’s daemon isn’t fixed. But it has stayed as a dog because she has controlled by her exsphere and just kinda did stuff for Varley. Loyalty was absolute in that state.

Regal (eagle): This is one is because Regal is noblity and a pretty noble guy. Eagles are just big symbols of royalty and the upperclass.

Forcystus (falcon): Falcons were war birds for the Mongols. Forcystus in some extended media brought done an empire. Falcons are some of smaller of the raptors and I see them as being scrappy little thing. Forcystus is totes scrappy.

Magnius (wild boar): Vermin in the Japanese version of the game was “pigs”.

Kvar (wasp): I wanted Kvar to be a bug of some variety. He just seemed small and was never able to get anywhere. On that note, wasps are mean. They are also parasites like exspheres. From a large ecological standpoint though they are really pretty beneficial to their environment. And from a distance Kvar’s exsphere is literally what made it possible to end Cruxis.

Rodyle (rat): Rodyle is a rat. 

Pronyma (fox): I wanted the aesthetic of a fox stoal because Pronyma is such a Lady in regards to her position in Cruxis. But really foxes are cunning, beautiful and she played her coworkers.

Mithos (cat): Mithos’s daemon isn’t fixed and he uses that. The cat was what it was naturally in the Kharlan War because he was so fearful and was in hiding. He uses it now when he is posing as a boy.

Kratos (wolf): Wolves are loyal and fierce. Also the association with samurais. Kratos is a samurai archetype. Also the lone wolf comes to mind when I think of Kratos. He seems like a guy who needs a pack but doesn’t have one.

Yuan (tiger): Mostly that he is named Yuan and that’s pretty Chinese. I wanted Yuan to have something strong and bold. The tiger was that. It is a fierce, dangerous animal that you have to watch out for.

Martel (crane): Cranes are a symbol of eternal youth, grace and longevity.Martel is an ageless sleeping god.

Yggdrasil (lion): This daemon is a lie. He uses the lion in his adult form to show his dominance in Cruxis and as king of Cruxis.






I absolutely love the end result.

i can’t believe i watched that

i thought this was going to take me on a spiritual journey and it did

this disgusts me cos i can’t do shit

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When artists say they suck at arting

Part 2 of this. Again I will explain the daemons in detail with the final picture which will be next.